Short sleeve KENZO

Favorite one, KenzoKENZOKIT shirtMy star with the same T-shirt

Korean duty-free shop kenzo

Kenzo short-sleeved 135 dollars or so sweater more than 300 US dollars I am a duty-free shop gold card can also play 10% off decisive hand attached: Duty-free shop staff to write kenzo men and women size code is still very accurate, everyone’s reference

Kenzo 2019 short-sleeved T-shirt full series sharing

Kenzo is a light luxury brand that buys many pieces every year. In the season, when my sister always buys new clothes for my younger brothers and sisters who are still in school, this low-key and versatile brand will be my first choice. The new spring and summer of 2019 continues the classic elements of kenzo: tiger […]

Kenzo limited tiger head sweater couple wear

Different couples wear The gift that was given to her husband at the time, this is the latest color scheme introduced by the limited edition of the Christmas tiger. It is especially beautiful. Especially the couple’s two colors are super beautiful together!! The embroidery of the gold thread is particularly good-looking and the version is […]

Kenzo short shirt

I feel like I bought so many lovers. Or kenzo like it most? a lot of short-sleeved colors The color of the lion’s head is very good. Than heart

Favorite red short-sleeved T-shirt Kenzo

It is summer Can wear short sleeves Kenzo tiger head T-shirt Into a few pieces in one breath This is my favorite color. Rose red, the upper body is very white, the small overflow upper body XS This one is a girl’s kenzo’s short sleeve color too much The most people buy is actually black […]

Kenzo tiger head dress

A kenzo is often worn, it is very convenient, it can be set up, and it is not awkward with sneakers or high heels. The embroidery is very fine, but the fabric is somewhat thick, the weather is too hot, the version is not straight, there is a waist effect and the hem, but I am thinner, […]

Kenzos identification of true and false is as simple as that.

It was founded in Japan by Japanese designer Takada Kenzo. Because of its bold design and vivid colors, it has become the first choice for many stars. Especially the sweater T-shirts of the tiger head logo have become the clothes of every fashionista. Standard cabinet. Because there are a lot of imitations at the same time, […]

KENZO super fierce tiger head

Fire all over the universe 2019 kenzo T shirt The latest model is still a couple

A family of three white children’s clothing, the new Kawakubo and Kenzo

At the weekend, a family of three wore white clothes. My husband’s T-shirts were Kawakubo’s men’s T-shirts, which I bought in Fukuoka for a long time. Only in the morning, the store robbed the empty, the female models did not grab the men to buy, I feel that I wear is also reasonable, after all, […]