KENZO oversized bag KENZO small white shoes

I used the last time to save money. I don’t know why some people still can’t use it. . This is mainly based on perseverance! I am all kinds of questions. Service, I feel that I have to be bothered by the question. I have never been able to use it at the beginning, but […]

New KENZO Tiger Head Backpack

Take the tiger head backpack, brown, military, sapphire three colors, took the favorite wild brown. By the way, Amway Michelin one star restaurant old toast and beef heat, tastes great

KENZO Takada’s girls wear

It’s easy to eat a brand of grass A tiger head can play so many tricks, and most of the patterns are embroidered. The texture is quite good, share it. Red small logo Cement gray shadow embroidery Very advanced color Blue purple embroidery Yellow and green embroidery Very casual feeling Red and blue contrast This […]

KENZO Takada Electric light blue tiger head embroidery sweater

Kenzo‘s signature tiger head embroidery sweater It’s still rare for this tiger head to be this color – electro-optic blue The embroidery is very fine. It is made of several colors. This autumn is also very beautiful with a pair of shorts or five-point riding pants.