Kenzo Neon Sweater Kenzo Sweater

I think Kenzo Takada Kenzo is still very good at telling the truth. Because the authentic embroidery is very beautiful, the details are perfect. The color is also very bright. The main thing is that kenzo can be paired with couples, not rustic Go to Xiaoju after work There are so many people, so there […]

Wear celine prada kenzo daily for my Japanese outfit

In fact, I am a woman who has been pursuing a Pisces water bottle that has been tagged by someone else as a cold girl. (The grammar seems to be fine.) Because I wore a skirt a few days ago, my colleagues thought that I was in love, saying that I exude sweet love every […]

Kenzo tiger head sweater Christmas limited edition and kenzo Valentines Day

At the time of the sweater that started in December last year, Kenzo had this Christmas limited edition, and it took a long time to receive it. I didn’t like the tiger’s head before. I didn’t think it was good, but after seeing this limited edition, there is really no way to control it. Own, […]

Kenzo tiger head sweater is worn in early autumn

Tian Baiyu will come up with the autumn and winter every year. This handsome and tough wind is matched with the tiger head. It is a bit of a good look. The tiger head is a limited edition of Christmas China. It is velvet inside. It is suitable for autumn and winter. I like to […]

Kenzo clothes show

Kenzo down jacket Silver technology is full! One can be safe for the winter People are old and afraid of cold. The South has also begun to push down. When Kenzo’s down jacket just came out, I thought it was right. It’s a love that is going to surpass the Canadian goose! I said that […]

KENZO tiger head hooded sweater

KENZO / Takada Kenzo 2018 autumn and winter new embroidered flowers Tiger head hooded sweater in the long section Limited edition special edition 100% cotton sweater fabrics on the reverse side of the sanding autumn and winter wear special warmth Good looking and type Rendering the gradient of the applique flower super heavy work is […]