KENZO super fierce tiger head

Fire all over the universe 2019 kenzo T shirt The latest model is still a couple

A family of three white children’s clothing, the new Kawakubo and Kenzo

At the weekend, a family of three wore white clothes. My husband’s T-shirts were Kawakubo’s men’s T-shirts, which I bought in Fukuoka for a long time. Only in the morning, the store robbed the empty, the female models did not grab the men to buy, I feel that I wear is also reasonable, after all, […]

KENZO tiger head embroidery top

A few recent favorite KENZO tops Exquisite embroidery ~ successfully attracted me Figure 1 is a pink tiger head embroidered shirt I wear ~ especially suitable for jeans with pink clothes are good to see ~ Figure 2 is so refreshing! Paired with short skirts or jeans are perfect! The refreshing feeling is not too tired! The […]

Kenzo Takada Kenzo Sweater identification true and false identification method

The authentic tiger head embroidery of Takada Kenzo is not only eye-catching but also vivid. Here, the color of the wiring to be embroidered and the main color are harmonious, and it is also flexible and natural on the embroidery line. Note: The embroidery line on the tiger’s face has a natural transition, much like the facial […]

Kenzo Takada Kenzo T-shirt

Kenzo classic tiger head T-shirt, each color is super nice! ! ! Simple and yet design sense, each kenzo color look is also very comfortable. I used to buy a blue in the shop in Spain, very versatile, with sneakers is the cool girl on the street, wearing fried chicken Comfortable I plan to buy […]