Kenzo Takada adds an opera-style legacy

Paris – In the winter of 1964, Japan was still celebrating its first Tokyo Olympics, and Kenzo Takada slipped during a six-week trip to France. The 25-year-old young designer has achieved some success in his home, including winning the 1961 Soen Award and holding a designer position at Sanai Department Store. Inspired by emerging high-end […]

Kenzo Appoints Global PR Director

Kenzo is in the process of being transformed, waiting for the next chapter led by the new art director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, and is also adjusting its press office. Mathieu Baboulène was appointed Director of Global News and Public Relations at Kenzo. He joined the Paris fashion company from Coach Europe, and before that he […]

Wear celine prada kenzo daily for my Japanese outfit

In fact, I am a woman who has been pursuing a Pisces water bottle that has been tagged by someone else as a cold girl. (The grammar seems to be fine.) Because I wore a skirt a few days ago, my colleagues thought that I was in love, saying that I exude sweet love every […]

Kenzo tiger head sweater Christmas limited edition and kenzo Valentines Day

At the time of the sweater that started in December last year, Kenzo had this Christmas limited edition, and it took a long time to receive it. I didn’t like the tiger’s head before. I didn’t think it was good, but after seeing this limited edition, there is really no way to control it. Own, […]

Kenzo clothes show

Kenzo down jacket Silver technology is full! One can be safe for the winter People are old and afraid of cold. The South has also begun to push down. When Kenzo’s down jacket just came out, I thought it was right. It’s a love that is going to surpass the Canadian goose! I said that […]

KENZO oversized bag KENZO small white shoes

I used the last time to save money. I don’t know why some people still can’t use it. . This is mainly based on perseverance! I am all kinds of questions. Service, I feel that I have to be bothered by the question. I have never been able to use it at the beginning, but […]

New KENZO Tiger Head Backpack

Take the tiger head backpack, brown, military, sapphire three colors, took the favorite wild brown. By the way, Amway Michelin one star restaurant old toast and beef heat, tastes great

KENZO Takada’s girls wear

It’s easy to eat a brand of grass A tiger head can play so many tricks, and most of the patterns are embroidered. The texture is quite good, share it. Red small logo Cement gray shadow embroidery Very advanced color Blue purple embroidery Yellow and green embroidery Very casual feeling Red and blue contrast This […]

Kenzo short shirt

I feel like I bought so many lovers. Or kenzo like it most? a lot of short-sleeved colors The color of the lion’s head is very good. Than heart

Kenzos identification of true and false is as simple as that.

It was founded in Japan by Japanese designer Takada Kenzo. Because of its bold design and vivid colors, it has become the first choice for many stars. Especially the sweater T-shirts of the tiger head logo have become the clothes of every fashionista. Standard cabinet. Because there are a lot of imitations at the same time, […]