Wear celine prada kenzo daily for my Japanese outfit

In fact, I am a woman who has been pursuing a Pisces water bottle that has been tagged by someone else as a cold girl. (The grammar seems to be fine.) Because I wore a skirt a few days ago, my colleagues thought that I was in love, saying that I exude sweet love every day. Sour smell! This makes me this single is very embarrassing! Therefore, I decided that I want to restore the style of dressing that I can’t grasp and can’t understand! I used black and grey to reply to the ridicule of my colleagues!

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Can’t guess, they actually said, I went back to the lovely Japanese! Originally, I wanted to argue. After reading the photos, I think, I still want to wake up and have a cup of tea.

I still know very well about myself. This body match is called my Japanese match – Kawakubo’s visual sense series.


Hat: boys london

I bought it in London and it looks like 35 pounds. This hat is really good. All the hats in the UK are very tight. The British people are really small! I am being ridiculed in China every day, and I took out my knees! Hats are not big or small, very versatile, buy, buy, buy!

T-shirt: white bottoming shirt ZARA 159rmb

I have been on the mirror many times before, because I am really satisfied with this smooth feeling! Washed in one day, continue to wear on the third day

Knitted jacket: just buy it, no brand

This I feel is Acne’s coat of sight, I was shocked when I got it! I said that this material and design sense is cold! The coat was slightly thicker. I went out to eat supper the night before. I used a suit from Zara and set it outside. My friends said that I really have the temperament of naughty boys!

Pants: Kenzo bought in the UK looks like more than 200 pounds

This super invincible is thin, although it seems to be very ordinary. Good to wear only the person and the people around me know that the pants are the most difficult to shoot a big love of a pair of pants, long fat five or six pounds can not see

Kenzo’s clothes are really worth visiting, not only the tiger’s head and eyes.

Shoes: Prada seems to be bought as 5000 when buying in Hong Kong

I seem to have bought this shoe for two years, he is still a bit new! Because I really wear my feet, I wear thick socks and will rub my heel! Last time I changed a pair of boat socks, my feet were bleeding directly, and the blood flowed into the river!

Anyway, I will never buy his shoes again! However, the gradient of these shoes is pretty good, and it is relatively unpopular, and I am reluctant to push her into the cold palace, and continue to wear the pain!

I’m here today, everyone’s weekend is happy.

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